Poterie du Pratu - Création de céramiques contemporaines corses

Welcome to our workshop of creative contemporary ceramics of Corsica.

Since ceramics are fragile items, please contact us for an order or an estimate.


We create functional or decorative objects, using mainly STONEWARE, a black clay that contains iron oxide that is extracted in the central region of France.

We fire them at 1300 degrees in two steps.

Colours are obtained by mixing minerals, metallic oxides and ashes from plants from our very own region of Corsica (olive tree, eucalyptus, lavender, acacia, etc.).

All our items are handmade, either on a potter’s wheel, with clay plates, stamped or moulded. We sculpt our moulds out of plaster based on our inspirations.

Enamelled stoneware ceramics are very resistant and can safely be put in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. We produce a varied range of objects: tableware, lighting, air freshening or decoration, easily suitable to classic, rustic or modern interiors.




Poterie corse
Aline Prat et Thiébault Sisson, potiers à San Nicolao, Haute Corse

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Poterie du Pratu - Aline Prat et Thibault Sisson - Création de céramiques contemporaines corses
Atelier Moriani Plage - 20230 San Nicolao - Tél. +33 (0)4 95 38 48 22 - Email : tibo.sisson@wanadoo.fr

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